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Ok, so people have asked me to blog the food I cook. I suspect that it's going to be more repetitive than people think but I like the idea that I have this as a record so that I can go back and take a look for my own reference later. At this point I'm scrolling backwards through Facebook and extracting all my food porn posts with a decent description and embellishing them slightly. Future cooking adventures might be better documented. Don't expect quantities of anything, I don't cook that way. I'll used the tag "foodporn" because I've already used the tag "food" and can't remember what's in there.

Ok, so barley pottage. Thanks to the lovely Steph for documenting the lunchpack I gave her because otherwise there'd be no photo for this entry. As it is, we have this:

This was partly inspired by a soup I made recently. It started with a bunch of spring onions and a small brown onion chopped small with a generous amount of garlic, pepper, cinnamon, paprika, oregano and sage all swooshed around in melted butter until it made smells. Really quite epic smells. This is a fairly typical mix for a lot of things I make – there will be repetition in a few of these posts. The thing with this, as with the soup is that it’s not sizzling, it’s warmed just enough to the butter to melt. Once it’s infused through and thoroughly aromatic with the onions getting translucent, you can throw in some chopped mushrooms – I used Swiss brown here but I also love portobellos in the same place, and then wind the heat up so the butter and onion just start to brown. At that point I poured in some red wine to deglaze (get the not-quite burnt bits off the bottom of the pot) and then toss in sun-dried tomatoes, silverbeet, veggie stock and rather a lot of pearl barley. Sub out olive oil for the butter and you’ll lose a little of the nuttiness but gain a little sharp fruitiness and it’ll be vegan. The stock in this case had inadvertent jalapeno offcuts as part of its contents and so this had a notable bite. It’ll work nicely with or without added chilli.


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