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Nearly four years ago, I was sent home after gender reassignment surgery. I was given a small supply of Endone. Tonight I dug into that for the first time ever and it hasn't done a damn thing. One of the symptoms of this burgeoning chronic illness is horrible levels of discomfort when I stand and especially when I walk. Going from the front door to the car of the person picking me up yesterday left me feeling like I'd just sprinted a few blocks. A few people have suggested that this is POTS, or postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. The symptoms are a very close fit. So things like having a shower or getting dressed require rest stops where I pant and flop and feel like death. In a new and entertaining twist though, this has joined forces with another condition which isn't dangerous and usually doesn't cause me much discomfort at all but in conjunction with the POTS hurts more than recovering from surgery did, even in hospital. Given that this is likely to get worse if I do anything which aggravates the POTS, such as getting dressed or walking even tiny distances, I'm very much NOT looking forward to the appointment with the doctor I have later today. As it is, there are lots of involuntary spasms and high-pitched noises This is the least fun I've had in a very long time and I'm including things like coming off my bike and cracking my scapula in 2012. I would like this to stop now please.
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