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Something of a bipolar weekend. Saturday was more or less unalloyed awesomeness. Despite not being eligible to test due to lack of attendance (injury) I went along to the white star testing for derby. Several people said awfully nice things about how I skate and told me that had I been eligible to actually test I would have comfortably passed. I hung about to help out with the higher grade testing (time keeping for penalties) and they we went out to a bar afterwards. I'm really feeling the love at derby, my initial impressions of them as a group who would accept me for who and what I am have been thoroughly borne out. Super lovely people and I think I've found a new obsession. Also, the Racoon Club on Plenty Rd in Preston has nummeh beers at reasonable prices in a pleasing space in which it's possible to hold a non-shouted conversation on a Saturday evening. I heartily approve.

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I woke this morning feeling a bit flat and crappy but given it wasn't yet 6am and I'd not had enough sleep, this wasn't entirely surprising. What did catch me by surprise was finding myself in tears halfway through getting dressed while pointlessly waving a piece of clothing around. I tossed it back on the floor, thought "No, this is ridiculous, I have to get ready to go to work.", picked it up again and waved it about some more but unable to summon the motivation to actually put it on. Things deteriorated from there so I peeled off the clothing I'd already managed to put on, clambered back into bed and curled into a ball. After calling work at 8am to tell them I wouldn't be in today I manage to fall asleep for another three and a bit hours. I have no idea what prompted this implosion and I'm not best pleased by it.

The latter half of the day was rather better. Op shop win was a top which I think is my new favourite top, a pair of jeans, another waistcoat and a pair of brown shoes which I needed because most of my shoes are black. I had a sandwich consisting of prosciutto, red square gooey cheese and roquette between a couple of generous slabs of sourdough bread and accompanied by a Peroni before heading off to part singing. The delightful and obliging [personal profile] montjoye shoved me a couple of rungs up the vertical learning curve of making garb by measuring and marking a pattern for a frock using the material she gave me some time ago and providing other most useful advice. This was followed by excellent dinner, the usual lovely round of singing and [personal profile] quatrefoil appearing for conversation and also giving/loaning me some garb. It looks like I may well be properly dressed for Rowany Festival despite my lack of circular tuits.

So, a rubbish start to the day but a really quite lovely end. This is the order in which these things really should happen.


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