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Tired yesterday translated into sleepless last night and pukey this morning. You'd think that this was fairly straightforward...I feel a bit flat but not awful and will be back to work tomorrow. Today's doctor (one I hadn't seen before) had some sort of brain fizzpop along the lines of "I have Heard of This Thing!" and started asking me a series of questions that essentially asked me whether I'd had a heart attack. I answered in the negative to the lot at which he looked dissatisfied and sent me down the corridor for an ECG which he peered at muttering "Hmm, normal" before sending me back for blood and urine tests. He also asked me if I'd had diarrhea. I again answered in the negative whereupon he put me on a clear fluids diet and directed me to drink lots of water. I've also been barred from strenuous exertion pending the results of the tests.

No cycling or skating for me it seems. A grumpy...I haz it.
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Right. I have developed some bad habits lately, some worse than others so it's time to knock them on the head. I'm posting this so that there's some accountability and I can't just weasel out later with nobody the wiser.

Smoking: This is the worst. I took it up again at the start of last year when my world went kablooey. I cut myself some slack but since moving in with a smoker things have spiraled out of control. No more.

Alcohol: This is a sometimes treat, not every day. Three days per week alcohol free at *least* and drink as if I was driving when I do drink, even if I'm at home.

Trashy snacks: Confectionary, bready stuff, chips and cheeses. I need to back way off with these...there's a veritable smorgasbord of the stuff next to me at work and I have to make myself ignore it most days.

Exercise: This isn't bad but it's time to bump things up a little. Be more consistant and intense with cycle commuting and when I'm not derby training, do core strengthening exercises.

I can have the body I want if I work at it and I *know* I'll feel so much better on several levels if I do.


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