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I got a tax refund yesterday and so decided that the time was right to get one of the things I've decided that I want for the trip to Italy later this year, namely this. I wanted something that would let me suck pics off the camera, cull, process and upload them to Flickr as well as post to LJ and generally have net access wherever there's a wireless hotspot. I didn't want a full laptop purely on the portability side of things. This is about the size and weight of a hardback book and a surprisingly usable piece of kit. It's probably got nearly as much processing grunt as my last desktop! I almost made this entry with it but a proper full sized keyboard is a nicer thing to is and as it was sitting right next to this keyboard it seemed silly to type this out on the smaller keyboard which I'm still getting used to. It's a fun thing though.
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Hellooo lazyweb.

I'm trying with Linux, I really am. Do drivers for Linux actually came as a basic executable that'll stuff them into place like Win32 drivers or is the process rather more arcane? I'm hunting for a driver for an S3 chipset (I want better than 800x600 res) and I'm only finding source files with notes that talk about "building" the driver. Distro is the current version of Ubuntu.
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Put together a computer from leftover bits and tried to boot. Nope, XP system disc does not want to play. I'd format without a second though except for the several GB of music resident on it. Faff, poke, fiddle, find Knoppix 3.3 bootable CD and decide to give it a shot. All good, it even finds the external USB HDD caddy and reads the drive happily. So, copy file from one to the other.


Konqueror will not write to either drive. The "Super user" file manager wants to be used out of the root account, not the "Knoppix" account but damned if I can work out how to get into root, given that the root password isn't anywhere to be found on the disc. Still, I wouldn't have thought that creating a new folder would be a root only exercise; all I want to do is copy files.

Anyone want to give the noob a clue?


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